A Summer Wedding at Leonardo Bansko
Романтична сватба в планината, залез | Leonardo Bansko

Wedding… Is there a girl who hasn’t dreamed of this special day? Is there a girl who hasn’t stayed up until dawn imagining the most romantic and incredible wedding with the man who conquered her heart?

No matter how much we may try to deny the wedding today as a ceremony and as a way to honor the marriage union, the truth is that we all dream of it, we need it, we long to have the most wonderful wedding of the world.

Have you thought about your most special day? Are you dreaming about it? Or are you already thinking how to organize your upcoming wedding?

For all of you (the ones still dreaming and those who have a glimmering engagement ring on their finger) here is how you can live your incredible Bulgarian wedding in the mountain.

Wedding under the open sky in the mountains | Leonardo Bansko

A wedding under the open sky in the mountains – an incredibly romantic experience

In recent years, the traditions according to which marriage ceremonies took place either in the church or in the ritual house and the subsequent celebration was obligatorily held in a restaurant in the city have long been gone. Today you and your better half can enjoy an outside ritual and organize your wedding party wherever you like.

Unconventional wedding ideas are great and we fully understand your hesitations both regarding the preparation and the place to get married to your loved one, but close your eyes for a moment and imagine the following…

Imagine you find yourself at a restaurant in Bansko – at one of the most beautiful, green and romantic places in the mountain. Imagine how dressed in the most beautiful wedding dress you walk towards your loved one among the greenery of the mountain and everything around you vibrates as one with your hearth. You go slowly while gentle music measures every step you take, bringing you closer to the moment which will make you one with your loved one. And your loved one is waiting for you thrilled at the end of the flower arc so that together you can say the simple but very strong “I do!”.

Your loved ones are around you, the tables for the celebration are arranged as per the chosen by you theme and the food… the food quietly whispers “Ti amo, ti amo…”

Is there anything more magnificent, more romantic and magical than a summer wedding at a restaurant in Bansko in the embrace of the mountain?

A Summer Wedding at Leonardo Bansko restaurant – dreams can easily become reality

Italian evening in Bansko | Leonardo Bansko

If you liked what you have just imagined, it is time to think about its realization. We stop here for a bit with the romantic images and we step into the organizational part. Because the organization of an amazing summer wedding in the mountain requires time, imagination and strict order.

But all of this is no news for a future bride; she is aware that in order to achieve an amazing end result, a perfect planning to the smallest detail is needed.

The three important steps for a perfect summer wedding

* An outside ritual at a restaurant in Bansko or not

The choice of the place of the ceremony and the wedding celebration is one of the first things you’d have to think about.

You could chose something conventional but if you’d like something to really remember an outside ritual would be the better decision. Luckily, many restaurants in Bansko have beautiful outdoor gardens where the wedding ceremony can take place under the open sky. And if the weather turns out to be unfavorable, you can simply move the celebration in a romantic atmosphere at the hall indoors.

For information only (or for your parents’ peace of mind): According to a report, Bridebook Wedding Report 2017 more and more couples choose the outside wedding ritual for their wedding ceremony and prefer the wedding celebration to be in an unconventional venue outside of the hometown.

This means that your wedding in the open and in the mountain will keep up with the latest trends!


After choosing the restaurant it’s time to think about the theme of your wedding.

And if years ago it was enough just to have some decoration in the restaurant, here and there flowers and some greenery, today the theme is of great importance.

The most popular wedding themes 2016/2017

Vintage wedding in the mountains | Leonardo Bansko

* Vintage

Extremely stylish, trendy and very suitable theme for a wedding in the mountains. Here you can set your mind completely free. Vintage weddings are very popular in Bansko since they fit ideally into the setting. Imagine… lots of greenery, orchids, roses, beads, pearls and lace and all that you could think of. If you wish to be even more original, in the invitations, you could also specify a vintage dress code for your guests and you will have an incredible wedding theme.

* Greenery

Another very suitable and current theme for a wedding in the mountain. In this theme the focus is on greenery at the tables. The combination between white and green is the central idea. If you choose this theme, you should go for snow white tablecloths, white satin on the chairs and an abundant green in the flowers, ribbons, details… all that you could think of.

* Rustic

A very loved and liked by the couples theme. Rustic style skillfully combines different fabrics – silk, wool, hemp, lace, all of these seemingly incompatible materials combine into a very simple and memorable theme.

* Fairy tale

If you have dreamed of a fairy tale wedding, then you will surely like this theme. The arrangements of the fairy tale theme are ornate, luxury and very spectacular. The fabrics are satin, lace and other fine fabrics; the glasses are mandatorily made of crystal, the plates – of fine porcelain and the cutlery – of silver if possible. If you go or a fairy tale theme, it is wise to bet on golden elements, a decoration made of fine lace and an ornate flower arrangement with peonies, roses and orchids.

Italian style wedding | Leonardo Bansko

*Italian theme

You think France is the country of love? Wrong! The place where fairy tales come true, where even air, food and scents whisper “Amore” is Italy. Italy is also the country where many celebrities like George Clooney and Sofia Coppola have chosen to say “Yes” to each other. According to a report by the NGO “Center for the Surveillance of Marriages Concluded Abroad”, Italy is the most preferred destination for weddings.

Well, if you can’t go to Italy, nothing is stopping you from having Italy come to you, right? The Italian theme is gaining more and more popularity in Bulgaria and it is the ideal choice for a wedding under the open sky or in a restaurant in Bansko.

The table decoration of the Italian theme is extremely simple but very elegant. Most often the tables are decorated with branches of greenery and bouquets of herbs. If you choose the Italian theme, the only thing you should not forget is to put some olive branches in your bouquet.

* Menu choice

We know that the menu of Bulgarian weddings usually includes traditional cuisine but if you want something more original for you and your guests, you can think of Italian cuisine. And no, we are not talking about pizza and spaghetti (if it is only these dishes that you connect to the Italian cuisine) but about something much more sophisticated and tasty that will surely impress and pleasantly surprise your guests.

Leonardo Bansko restaurant offers a truly Italian cuisine that will transfer you and your guests to Italy.

Cucina Italiana – one of the most popular and adored cuisines worldwide and if you chose food from the Boot, you will cause a real furore with your choice.

Each region in Italy has its cuisine and the food – its own personality. Before choosing an Italian menu for your wedding party, it’s a good idea to get acquainted with the meals of the different regions of Italy so you know what you will like.

No matter if you chose dishes from the North or South of Italy, don’t forget the wine. Because Italy besides from the country of love and delicious food is also the country of wine. Therefore, if you choose Italian cuisine, don’t miss out the excellent wines offered by Leonardo Bansko restaurant.

And since the selection of wines is wide, here is a small tip: If you chose the menu from the Rome region, a good choice of wine would be the typical for Rome sorts of grapes such as Aleatico and Cesanese; if you like the food from Venice, it goes well with a perfect white sparkling Proseco or Amarone (a unique red wine); and for the typical Florentine (Tuscany region) food you can chose a Brunello di Montalcino or a Chianti Classico.

A wedding under open sky – why “yes”?

Each wedding is unique, each couple is unique and whatever you choose for the most important of your days, it will be amazing and one of a kind – don’t you ever doubt, not it even for a bit. You will remember this day for the rest of your life, your loved ones will remember it, your friends and everyone else who will share the celebration of your love.

Wedding in the mountain and under the open sky however is something that surely everyone will remember! Because there is no greater celebration of the love of two people than to swear faithfulness to each other there… in the mountains, under the open sky while the snowy peaks of Pirin smile at them favorably and the trees quietly whisper their blessings.

Romantic wedding in the mountains, sunset | Leonardo Bansko

There is hardly a more romantic and fabulous place from the mountain to say “Yes”!

Close your eyes and imagine again… All is planned to the smallest detail, the theme has been chose as per your taste, the Italian food of Leonardo is melting in the mouth… There are toasts with a sparkling Italian wine; music and laughter are mixed in a gentle symphony…

You are dancing your first dance as a married couple under the open sky. The garden glitters with the colors of the mountain you keep dancing and dancing until the stars above you smile at you.

Nowhere else will you ever experience such a perfect happiness as in a restaurant in Bansko and under the open sky!