Mediterranean restaurant Leonardo Bansko


    Leonardo: the real Italian restaurant in Bansko


    Style and comfort, classics and delicious food…

    …this unique combination turns the Leonardo restaurant into an elegant jewel, a real hit not only in the resort, but also in the country.

    The sophisticated style, the incredibly delicious Mediterranean cuisine and the friendly professional service are just three of the reasons why this is one of the most preferred places to dine and gather.

    One of the best restaurants in Bansko with authentic Italian cuisine!

    Leonardo is located a few metres away from the main entrance of Aparthotel Lucky Bansko.

    The restaurant has 66 seats.

    The interior is created exclusively from natural materials – mainly wood.

    The presence of the natural element is also felt in the menu, which is unrivalled in terms of products and preparation.

    A lit fireplace in winter creates that coziness that will make you relax and enjoy every minute of your stay.



    The most wanted Italian restaurant in Bansko!

    Leonardo is certainly among the most sought after and attractive Italian restaurants in Bansko and the whole region.

    The lovers of Italian cuisine will fall in love with the ambience and the specialties on the menu will make them exclaim:
    O, mamma mia!

    The authentic Italian taste and the cozy sunny lounge will take you to the magical atmosphere of Naples and Sardinia, while the subtle aroma of lavender will immerse you in the magic of the Apennines, gently pampering your senses.

    Seafood specialties as well as Tuscan culinary delights will bring you back to Leonardo again and again.

    And we are ready to tempt you every time.

    We welcome you to a real corner of magical Italy in Bansko!
    Ciao, amichi!
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    Kristina Miletic, Jan 5, 2023

    No doubt the best pizza in Bansko. With light, crispy, and very tasteful crust, fresh ingredients, and good sizing. The whole menu combines authenticity with modern tastes, and the atmosphere helps you feel right at home the moment you walk through the door. Finally, the waiters were quick, courteous, and nice to be around. An overall 5/5 experience.

    Michal Engelberg, Feb 10, 2023

    It’s was absolutely amazing! Beautiful space, very kind and friendly service. Fresh, accurate and tasty food!

    Manuel Berger, Jan 27, 2023

    A compact menu that makes your choice easy and freshly-cooked specialties that taste just like they should. So far, the only place where we’ve tried real Italian pizza in Bulgaria. Quick booking process with a couple of clicks and a warm welcoming from an obviously professional staff. A truly magnificent place that well deserved our five stars!

    Manuil Tonev, Feb 2, 2023

    Absolutely amazing service and food. And beautiful ambiance. Simple and elegant. We will come back as soon as we can! Also, they were wonderful about accommodating my wife's severe food allergies - she had a delicious and safe meal. They also have a very impressive wine list and knowledgeable and helpful staff. We highly recommend!

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    Chef Plamen Rafailov – creativity, refinement, and class in every dish!

    Chef Plamen Rafailov is the head chef, the creative engine, and the inexhaustible source of culinary talent at the Leonardo Italian Restaurant in Bansko.

    Having gone through the school of one of the best Italian chefs in Bulgaria, he presents our guests with some unexpected and memorable interpretations of the timeless Mediterranean classics.

    From the choice of ingredients, scents, and taste blends, through the preparation of the products, to the presentation and the “wow” effect – chef Rafailov will guide you through all stages of the magic called Italian cuisine!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • How food is prepared at the Leonardo restaurant?
      Food is the most important thing in any given restaurant – it is the heart and soul of the place. At the Leonardo restaurant, we always serve food that is fresh and with unique taste qualities. We store the food in a gas environment and prepare all the meals on the spot in our kitchen as soon as we take the order from the customer.
    • Do you make price discounts?
      If there is a group reservation request, we offer a choice of several sets of menus that can satisfy even the most specific culinary preferences, but within the main menu of the restaurant that is established for the season. However, the number of people in the group does not affect the price.
    • Are changes in the dishes possible?
      We are doing our best to meet all the requirements of our guests, of course, to the extent that is possible. We can exclude certain products at the request of the client, provided that they are not essential in the recipe for the preparation of the respective dish. For example, we can exclude certain vegetables, such as onions, dill, garlic, etc., or process a product using a shorter or longer thermal treatment, etc. In any case, the wishes of our guests are very important to us, so do not hesitate to share them, and our waiters will take care to comply with them when receiving the order.
    • How to make a reservation online?
      The online form for reservations is available on our website:
    • How to make changes to our online reservation?
      To change a reservation, you need to send an additional email to, stating which aspect of the already accepted and confirmed reservation you want to change - number of guests, day or hour of the restaurant visit. In response, you will receive an email for confirmation or refusal of the change/changes accordingly.
    • What is included in the reservation?
      When you make a reservation, you must set a specific date and time, as well as the number of guests, in order for us to reserve a suitable table in the restaurant. In the confirmation email we will send to you will be explicitly mentioned that the table will be kept for an additional 20 minutes after the reservation time for the purpose of waiting for the guests.
    • History of the Leonardo restaurant
      The opening of LuckyBansko SPA & Relax aparthotel in 2007 was followed by successful winter seasons, numerous awards and recogntion from our clients. During the same period Bansko has established itself as one of the best winter resorts not only in Bulgaria but also in the Balkans, which has led to a significant increase in tourist flow. All of these factors influenced the hotel's decision to acquire another restaurant to serve not only our guests but also external visitors. This is how Leonardo was created, which is part of the hotel and at the same time is located outside the main hotel part, which makes it accessible to all those who want to visit it from the surrounding hotels and resort in general. An additional advantage is the outdoor swimming pools at the restaurant, which attract a large number of tourists during the summer months. Leonardo Restaurant is a serious investment and its goal is to create an attractive place in Bansko that caters to its guests with freshly prepared food while making them feel at home, satisfying even their most demanding desires. This is exactly what we want most - our guests to enjoy home-cooked food in a pleasant and sophisticated setting, offering them friendly ease and unobtrusive service. In short, we want them to feel at home and become part of the magic called Leonardo.
    • How does Leonardo Bansko fit into the traditional cuisine of the winter resort?
      I would not say that we fit in especially with the traditional cuisine of Bansko and the region - the one offered in Bansko taverns. Our menu includes exquisite and traditional dishes of the Italian cuisine prepared according to original recipes, homemade pasta and pizzas, unique charcoal barbecue. Rather, the restaurant offers an alternative culinary experience, sophistication and style that complement and enrich the traditional for the resort.