Winter wedding in Leonardo Bansko restaurant
Winter wedding in Leonardo Bansko restaurant

You are about to have a wedding and you want it to be really memorable. You can take advantage of the snow in the mountains as a beautiful background for your celebration and then you will experience a real winter fairy tale.

The Italian restaurant Leonardo in Bansko offers a cozy atmosphere and the best of European cuisine for you and your guests. And the conditions of the mountain, predisposing to snow adventures, combined with the possibilities for luxury five-star accommodation in Aparthotel “Lucky Bansko Spa & Relax” and the excellent SPA center will complement the festive mood.

Winter wedding in Leonardo Bansko restaurant

Why choose Leonardo restaurant even in the cold season?

Leonardo Restaurant offers a gourmet menu and true Mediterranean luxury. It has a modern interior in light tones, and the tables and chairs are comfortable and surrounded by flower beds. Leonardo Restaurant is open all year round and is very suitable for family holidays.

In winter, an additional comfort creates a fireplace. For the festive wedding atmosphere will contribute the stylish decoration of the hall, and you can choose the theme of the decoration. It completely depends on your wishes how the guests will be located in the hall.

Winter wedding in Leonardo Bansko restaurant

The food in the Leonardo restaurant brings pleasure to all senses. In the elegant setting you can fully enjoy exquisite dishes, prepared from fresh eco products with proven origin. As a guarantee for the high quality of the food and the service, the hosts provide an opportunity for a preliminary tasting of the selected wedding menu.

Winter wedding in Leonardo Bansko restaurant

The newlyweds will be given an apartment with a special arrangement, and as a compliment for them there will be a bottle of sparkling wine and fruit.

For the guests can also be made reservations in the elite Aparthotel “Lucky Bansko Spa & Relax”, where they will enjoy five-star luxury and perfect service. It will be a pleasant surprise if your most important guests receive greeting letters or special in-room refills, which can be facilitated by the hotel team.

Winter wedding in Leonardo Bansko restaurant

It is possible to order photographic and cinematographic services, which include making a professional film and photos from the wedding. Multimedia, DVD or other special technical equipment can be provided for the celebration itself. The experienced staff of the hotel can also help in planning the special rituals that accompany the joyful event.


Amazing meals and fun until dawn

The gourmet offerings of the Leonardo restaurant rely on the best of Italian cuisine. For your wedding table, you can choose from menus bearing the names of Botusha’s landmarks, evoking thoughts of Mediterranean romance: Rome, Venice, the Vatican and Tuscany.

The excellent balanced Rome menu starts with Assorted salad, which includes eggplant mousse with rosemary and thyme, peeled tomatoes, mozzarella, artichokes and olives served with verde sauce. The next offer is salmon carpaccio, served with a dressing of herbs and pine nuts, and the main course is Saltimboca and includes chicken and beef with prosciutto and sage, garnished with homemade mashed potatoes.

Menu “Venice” will take you to the aristocratic atmosphere of one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It includes Peeled tomato salad with fresh buffalo cheese, spinach leaves, olive pate and pesto. The culinary adventure continues with a roll of smoked pork leg stuffed with basil cream, cucumbers and red peppers, and the dressing is made of capers and dried tomatoes.

The next dish is fillet of wild laurex cachuco sauce, zucchini and tomatoes, which will not leave indifferent any fan of fish specialties.

Winter wedding in Leonardo Bansko restaurant

Another equally tempting choice for your wedding table at Leonardo Restaurant is the Vatican menu. The cucumber and peeled tomato salad is paired with roasted white cheese, roasted peppers, arugula and olives. The masterfully prepared Popieta made of smoked salmon with cream cheese, served with bruschettas, is spectacular and delicious. She will prepare you for the Pork fillet in prosciutto with ratatouille, baked potatoes and gravy sauce.

The Tuscany menu will tempt you first with salad with shrimp and avocado, combined with arugula, grapefruit fillets, white and black sesame seeds, flavored with lemon dressing. Exotic and festive sounds and the next proposal – Full zucchini color with ricotta cheese and shrimp in cachuco sauce. The main budo is Chicken fillet in Milanese style, served with homemade mashed potatoes with truffles.

Each of the menus also includes a mix of sausages and cheese.

Winter wedding in Leonardo Bansko restaurant

And since the restaurant is Italian, each table, of course, will have a selection of homemade snacks, ciabata and focaccia. The hosts also offer a wide selection of wedding cakes tailored to the highest requirements of the guests. High quality drinks will also contribute to the mood of the wedding guests.

There is no need to worry about the traditional cake with which the newlyweds are greeted. It will be provided as a compliment from the hotel.

There is something that no wedding can do without and that is music. Therefore, hosts can assist in providing live music or to hire a disc jockey who can, if you wish, take part in the ritual and lead the program. If you trust the professionals from Lucky Bansko, the fun in the Leonardo restaurant will continue until dawn.


Combine the wedding with skiing and spa vacation in Bansko

Bansko in winter provides many opportunities for exciting snow experiences on the slopes or for pleasant hot moments in the exclusive SPA center of Lucky Bansko. Therefore, it is very likely that the wedding guests and the newlyweds themselves will want to continue their stay after the end. of the event.

A bonus for hotel guests is the free use of:

  • swimming pools
  • Jacuzzi
  • salt room
  • ice room
  • saunas
  • steam baths
  • fitness and many other places to relax

In the paradise of winter sports there are excellent conditions for both experienced skiers and beginners, who can take advantage of the services of qualified instructors. The resort is also very suitable for snowboarding Hotel guests can count on transfers directly to the ski slopes.

Winter wedding in Leonardo Bansko restaurant

After an extreme stay on the snowy slopes of the mountain, you can warm up in the modern spa. If you want something really hot, now is the time to visit the sauna. In fact, she is not one. You can choose between an infrared sauna and two Finnish saunas, one of which is herbal. The infrared sauna has a tonic effect and is recommended for people suffering from arthritis and eczema.

The Finnish sauna stimulates blood circulation and removes toxins from the body after sweating at high temperatures. There are also two steam baths. The steam bath is more gentle on the body, because it has a slightly lower temperature.

It smells pleasantly of aromatic oils sprayed into the air, which also help cleanse the respiratory tract. Hot steam opens the pores, removes toxins and relaxes the nervous system. It works well on the condition of the skin.

In the SPA center of the five-star hotel are located the only in Bansko bio pools for adults and children with a constant water temperature of 33 degrees. To maintain perfect water purity uses innovative chlorine-free technology with ionization, ultraviolet light and electrolysis with sea salt.

The large pool is 140 to 160 cm deep and the good mood is maintained with underwater music, and as an additional extra there is a hydrojet. The children’s pool has a depth of 50 to 55 cm. Next to the big one there is a small salt pool.

Dead Sea salts, which are added to it, have a beneficial effect on the vitality of the skin. A certified lifeguard is responsible for pool safety.

Winter wedding in Leonardo Bansko restaurant

Fans of water treatments will certainly take advantage of the jacuzzi and shock bath or will continue with a contrast, adventure or hydromassage shower. Supermodern therapeutic bath, which has 15 programs, can combine pearl, whirlpool and tangential massage.

Hydrotherapy is not only pleasant, but also very healthy. The advantage of water treatments is that they are gentle on bones and muscles. They improve blood circulation, calm the nerves, relax the muscles and drain the lymph.

If you are already very hot, you can cool off in the Ice Room, where the temperature drops to minus 18 degrees. An additional attraction is the feeling of snowflakes sticking to the body.

Unlike contrasting showers and pools after a sauna, the cooling effect in the Ice Room is more gentle, as the air in it is dry and the cold is not felt so strongly. You can see for yourself that the extreme icy experience has a tonic effect.

Another way to strengthen your health is halotherapy in a salt room. The relaxation area in Lucky Bansko is the right place because it is built of bricks of 100% Himalayan salt.

This therapy is recommended against:

  • respiratory diseases
  • in chronic bronchitis
  • cough
  • pharyngitis
  • runny nose
  • sinusitis
  • frequent viral infections

The salt room is recommended for skin diseases and against stress, fatigue and depression. In the relaxation area you can relax pleasantly against the background of gentle soothing music. Experts claim that 50 minutes in the salt room is equivalent to the beneficial effect of a 4-hour walk in a pine forest.

Winter wedding in Leonardo Bansko restaurant

And do you want something exotic? Then we recommend the Arabic Rasul therapy. In it the effect is achieved by applying clay or healing mud on the body. The result is perfectly cleansed and revitalized skin.

The more important effect is that the procedure helps with diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the peripheral and central nervous system.  Therapy works well:

  • gynecological and skin diseases,
  • increases the body’s defenses,
  • acts to lower cholesterol.

Another exotic pleasure is the fish massage with Gara Rufa. Thermophilic fish, which have been known since ancient times, help to treat and prevent skin problems on the feet. Gara Rufa makes a natural peeling and stimulates skin regeneration. The fish  is with the top dead layer of the skin, releasing an enzyme used in the cosmetics industry for creams and lotions.

The opportunities for relaxation, healthy procedures and conditions for a good time in Lucky Bansko are innumerable, so it is not worth waiting until the next wedding to take advantage of them. The hosts of the five-star hotel will be happy to welcome you again.