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Leonardo Bansko

gani and the restaurant

If you love Italian food then look no further – restaurant Leonardo is the right place for you! In this restaurant in Bansko you will enjoy traditional Italian cuisine with attention to the smallest detail in authentic recipes passed down from generation to generation. Meanwhile, Italian restaurant Leonardo will meet any high standard for delicious meals and make an amazing memory out of it. One you are going to tell your friends about many times.

Leonardo has a seating capacity of 65 people and works everyday regardless of the season. The reviews for this luxury restaurant in Bansko are flattering – both coming from Bulgarian and foreign visitors who just adore the high quality of the food, the perfect service and the cozy atmosphere. The first rule we follow is always stick to the original – from the recipe itself to the trademarked products and spices from Italy, all leading to the precise preparation of the meals. However, Italian masterpieces are not the only traditional food you will find here. Guests at Leonardo can also order various Mediterranean specific meals.

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The person in charge is chef Gani Pavlov. His degree comes from the International Culinary Institute of Tuscany, Italy, and he also specializes in National and Mediterranean culinary. Over 15 years of experience in elite restaurants has contributed to his iron will to strive for perfection in preparing authentic dishes, served in a unique way. As a guest in Leonardo you will have the chance to taste meals that quite possibly you never did before… unless you have already been in Leonardo. And it’s not only the chef’s special dishes, but that’s valid for the whole menu – from salads, soups and appetizers to the main course, pizzas and deserts. Leonardo offers you the real taste of the food!

That’s not even all of the possibilities in Leonardo. The restaurant can also impress with its JOSPER barbeque with eco-products and show-cooking where the quests are able to take a close look on how their dish is being cooked. Speaking of JOSPER it must be added that all of the furniture and the equipment in Leonardo, notably one of the best restaurants in Bansko, is as modern as one can get nowadays and easily meets all the international requirements and standards. The interior is styled in the Mediterranean theme, you will enjoy a wonderful atmosphere with a scent of lavender. In winter, the fireplace makes the whole place so cosy and comfortable that will make you want to stay forever. In summer, the beautiful views will include the two outdoor swimming pools. Speaking of which, we are very proud to mention that this luxury restaurant in Bansko is a part of the Aquatic complex of Aparthotel Lucky Bansko. The swimming pools are open from mid-June till mid-September and offer a great deal for family vacations. The water is always the right temperature, the lifeguard will look after you and your kids who, by the way, can enjoy a whole kids pool equipped with a water slide. While enjoying your vacation with your family or friends on the lounges near the pool you can also order your favorite cocktails, wine and food. In certain hours you can take advantage of the discounts in Leonardo, more information on this matter can be found on the website.

Do it now – make your reservation in restaurant Leonardo, it’s the right choice!