Cookies with coffee, cocoa and walnuts
Бишкоти с кафе, какао и орехи

The magic of Italian tastes cannot be solved, you just have to let it lead you to culinary pleasures. For many people, it is inexplicable how seemingly ordinary products can be combined in an amazing combination.

The result of cookies with coffee, cocoa and walnuts is amazing and if in doubt, you just have to try it.

Biskoti with coffee, cocoa and nuts

Where does the Italian flavor lie?

Whichever Italian dish we reach for, we will quickly find ourselves subject to of his charm. So there is something special in the whole culinary tradition of Botusha.

This is very true for Savoyard cookies and good Italian coffee, which go a lot, and the combination of the two temptations is downright irresistible.

If you add cocoa powder to them, you will get the most popular Italian dessert of the world – Tiramisu . And walnuts can play the role of the icing on the cake this time.

Italian Savoyard biscuits are sweet and light sponge cakes that already have many fans all over the world. They are believed to have been first prepared in the late 15th century in the courtyard of the Duchy of Savoy , which covers part of present-day Italy. They were created on the occasion of the anniversary of the visit of the king of France .

Biskoti with coffee, cocoa and nuts

Biscuits known by their Italian name Savoiardi , are low-density confectionery cookies. They resemble a large female finger and are therefore also known as Lady fingers. Biscuits can be bought ready-made in our country, but there are also many successful recipes for home cooking.

These cookies are part of many desserts, but are very attractive and for self-consumption. For example to coffee. Savoyard cookies are also used as a outer layer of spectacular fruit or chocolate cakes.

Their most famous application in confectionery remains the uniquely delicious Italian Tiramisu. However, it also needs very good coffee , and what could be better than Italian espresso.

Coffee for Italians is not just an invigorating drink, but a ritual bordering on a cult. If you have to describe in one word the aroma of Italy in the morning, it will certainly be coffee.

Real Italian espresso has a creamy cream with a pleasant hazelnut color, which turns to dark brown with light brown shades. The aroma of espresso is rich, with floral, fruity or chocolate notes. The taste of coffee is velvety and dense, without astringency.

To get a good espresso, of course, you need a nice coffee machine , preferably Italian. Some people make tiramisu with nes or black coffee, but it’s not the same at all.

The quality of espresso also depends on the type of blend of coffee varieties, but you can use this brand, which you usually drink every morning. For strong aroma and taste, it is good for the coffee to be freshly ground just before its preparation.

The perfect dessert or for a morning mood

Biskoti with coffee, cocoa and nuts

There’s probably no pastry lover in the world who hasn’t heard of Tiramisu. Its great fame is due to the easy recipe without baking and unique its taste , which is the result of the ingenious combination of several products with an Italian flavor.

The classic rule for Tiramisu is that the cake is made with:

  • biscuits
  • strong espresso
  • Mascarpone
  • dessert wine Marsala

There is a legend that the cake comes from the time of the Medici, but no written evidence of this. Its recent history is not very long, and its homeland is claimed by several Italian regions, with Veneto prevailing over Tuscany and Piedmont.

Culinary historians believe that the recipe was invented in the 1960s in Treviso. by Roberto Linguano . The word Tiramisù did not appear in the Italian dictionary until 1980

Tiramisu has many varieties , but some of its ingredients are permanent. The original version is coffee-soaked cookies covered with cream of soft Mascarpone cheese , egg yolks and sugar. Sprinkle cocoa powder on top.

Sometimes cocoa is replaced with ground coffee or grated chocolate. It is prepared with eggs or only yolks, others include cream. Instead of Savoyardi cookies, some housewives use biscuits, and the alcohol can be Marsala wine, Amaretto liqueur, Baileys or another of their choice.

Tiramisu is consumed at any time of the day , and you don’t have to wait for dessert time for lunch or dinner. You can treat yourself to a piece of delicious Italian cake in the morning to get a wonderful mood for the whole day.

Tiramisu with walnuts

Biskoti with coffee, cocoa and nuts

Required products:

  • 16 Savoyard biscuits
  • 4 yolks
  • 400 g mascarpone cheese
  • 120 g sugar
  • 50 g cocoa
  • 1 tsp espresso coffee
  • 1 к. including Marsala wine
  • A handful of walnuts


You must first remove all products from the refrigerator to room temperature when making the cake. Boil a strong aromatic espresso and let it cool.

Beat the yolks well with the sugar in a water bath until a thick cream is obtained . This is done so that the yolks are heat-treated and there are no raw eggs in the cake.

It is best to beat with a mixer. The beaten yolks are then cooled to room temperature by placing the dish in cold water to which you can add and ice. Some recipes use whole eggs, beating the yolks and whites separately.

Then the soft Mascarpone cheese is whipped and the finished egg custard is added to it. Stir until smooth. You can add some of the Marsala wine to the cream, and the rest to the coffee.

Marsala wine is added to room temperature espresso. Dip the cookies briefly in the coffee on one side only and arrange them on the bottom of a rectangular or square tray or shape in which the cake will be prepared.

It’s important to melt cookies only in 2-3 seconds, because otherwise you risk softening a lot and falling apart.

Biskoti with coffee, cocoa and nuts

It’s time to assemble the cake. Arrange the coffee-soaked cookies and spread generously with half the cream. Arrange a second layer of cookies on top and spread on top the rest of the cream. Tiramisu can also be arranged in separate cups , following the same rules.

Biskoti with coffee, cocoa and nuts

The cake is sprinkled with cocoa powder using a strainer. Top garnish with whole walnuts. The finished tiramisu is left to harden in the refrigerator for a few hours and then you can enjoy its divine taste.